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Are the friends of your enemies really your friends?

You’ve hurt me more than I knew I could be hurt as a person. Insecurities and self-blame were all I knew after that day. Just like that, my life changed. No choice. No say. But here I am, and here you are. Breathing the same air… .You’ve convinced yourself that I want nothing but revenge and to ruin your life. That’s okay. I know what kind of a person I truly am and I know you do too. I hope you know that even though I have every reason on this Earth to hate you, I don’t. I forgive you. And with that forgiveness I can finally let you go.
― Anonymous (via exames)
Anonymous: When's the last time you jerked off

This morning if you must know..

mysterious-as-the-moon: Hey hope you're okay if you need someone to talk to on here

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

Isn’t it better to of loved and lost than never loved at all , nothing lasts forever your life is made of the good memories you keep

Well of course. I’ll always keep the good memories close to my heart. Although all this time I was deceived into thinking the happiness I was given would never be taken from me. False hope is very painful especially when you’re promised forever. Thats two years of my life I’ll never get back. I don’t think ill ever get over it, I’ll be hateful and angry for a very long time. There was a colossal amount of pain I had to experience but yes, I did walk away with good memories which I’ll keep till I die. I am very thankful for those little moments of happiness I was given. Don’t get me wrong.